If we're interested in exploring some of the alternative lifestyles in Los Angeles, would you be able to accomodate us?


How many breaks do we typically get on a tour?

It depends on the tour, but generally we have a minimum of four stops. The driver will also stop on request.

Can we bring food and beverages to eat and drink on the tour bus?

Generally the answer is no, but once again it is left to the discretion of your tour director.

Is lunch included in the price of the tour ticket?

No. Lunch is "On Your Own."

Can we bring pets along on the tour?

No, with the exception of service animals.

Where does the tour pick us up?

Hollywood Classic Tours picks up from many hotels in downtown Los Angeles and surrounding citiies: Arcadia, Covina, Monrovia, Ontario, Pasadena, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga. The complete list is available by clicking Pickup in the menu or by clicking here. For additional locations, please call 1 (213) 880-3326

Do we need to tip the tour director?

The most common tour guide gratuity across North America is 10%. However, in large metropolitan areas of the Northeast and in west coast cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, 15% to 20% is more common.